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Mississippi probation violation laws

mississippi probation violation laws

The maximum post release supervision is battlefield 3 single player demo 5 years with the balance being unsupervised.
We are located at 1921 windows xp battery monitor taskbar 22nd Avenue in Gulfport, Mississippi.
For example, no casinos, no contact with the victim or potential victims, known criminals or co-defendants and alcohol and drug trevor off key big thief counseling and treatment.
In addition to the above standard terms and conditions of probation, the court may impose any other appropriate conditions.Intermediate remedial actions such as alcohol and drug testing, rehabilitation, psychological testing, community service, or restitution center may be available.Once someone is granted probation, then he/she is considered an mdoc offender.When an offender is granted probation, the correctional field officer immediately conducts an initial supervision interview with the probationer.The maximum Mississippi probation is 5 years.Technical Violations, recent amendments to Mississippis probation law provide leniency.Depending on how serious the probation violation is, the judge could still reinstate probation with additional conditions.Crimes such as murder, capital murder, manslaughter, habitual offenders, and previous offense convictions automatically disqualify someone from receiving probation.House arrest, also call the Intensive Supervision Program (ISP) or home detention, is electronic monitoring.Generally, the original sentencing judge presides over the probation revocation hearing in Mississippi.Penalties for Probation of Violation, even if the judge finds that probation was violated, the court has discretion to impose a wide range of remedies and sanctions.

Read your probation order carefully.
House arrest is considered the functional equivalent of incarceration.
Federal probation is similar but the terms and conditions, and any revocation of supervised release are handled according to federal law.
At this time, the offender is provided with the conditions of his/her probation.Probation, parole and supervised release all mean being supervised by a corrections officer.Please check official sources.Disclaimer: These codes may not be the most recent version.The Defendant is allowed to go to work but otherwise remains at home and subject to a strict curfew.Technical violations are promptly heard, with an informal preliminary hearing within 72 hours, and a full hearing withing 21 days.